Leon Kilat: and then all went quiet on the Carcar front (Part I)

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Leon Kilat: and then all went quiet on the Carcar front
a dummy's guide to leon kilat, carcar and the philippine revolution (First of Three Parts)

To more easily rein in the innumerable islands and unrelated tribes, Spain administered las islas as one nation. Significant was calling the entire islands by one name, plus the giving out of surnames to non-Spaniards in it. This unification success in turn may have also opened the eyes of indios to governance, to uniting themselves as one as the Spaniards had.

For some days immediately after their tres de Abril (1898) victory, the Cebu Katipuneros have the Spanish forces and civilians reeling and seeking refuge at the Fuerza San Pedro, and the revolucionarios take over the ciudad. Why the rebels didn’t make a wholehearted go for the fort itself, to end the struggle once and for all –– but they content themselves…

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Leon Kilat: and then all went quiet on the Carcar front (Part II)

Originally posted on CARCAR FAMILIES: A Genealogy Blog for Carcar:

Leon Kilat: and then all went quiet on the Carcar front

a dummy’s guide to leon kilat, carcar and the philippine revolution (Second of Three Parts)

With that backdrop, by the 7th, the Spanish gunboat, Paragua, had already been dispatched for Carcar and was on its way, too.

The friar lays down the bottom line: “You know a bombardeo from the gunboat can annihilate your town – entonces, it’s Carcar or this Villegas. And it’s up to you.”

The story goes that the revelations were done through the confessional. The friar confessor may have been bound by the seal of the confessional but not the penitent – and was it even a confession? Be that as it may, it was up to Noel to gather together the important personages of his town to form a consensus. The ball was in his court, so to speak, and, so to speak…

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Farewell Harry Gaser


Sanciangco, Cebu City.

I learnt of the demised of Harry Gaser from my Facebook Newsfeed.

Many of the teen may not know him, but my generation and those ahead of me, Harry is a household name. He is the guy that delivers the news straightforward, no hype and no embellishment. With a well modulated authoritative voice, perfect enunciation and a very confident posture .

I used to what him in our Jurassic cabinet type black and white Zenith TV, until dad bought a new 12 inches Sony Tv (still Black and White), we only got a colored tv after my uncle got one, then papa got one also.

I was a bit luckier than other kids who had to go to other houses to watch Tv. There were only 3 or 4 houses in our neighborhood with TV, and all were my relatives.

During that time only RPN9 was airing on TV, Cable was still a light years away.

I love Harry Gaser, the is the best news anchor that time, oh well he is the only news anchor that time.

Then after the news there was John en Marsia, Superstar, Flordiluna, Champoy, Bagong Kampion. The closest to Nat Gio Or Discovery was David Attenborough’ Life on Earth series. Sex Million Dollar Man was my superhero and McGyver and his pocket knife was my everyday man. David Hassellhoff drives a car that talk before he chased those girls in bikini. And I don’t know why I keep on watching that Chinese lady cooking.

OMG how time flies.. More than half in the office where I wrote this blog can’t relate with what I am talking.

Farewell Harry Gaser, thank for the memory.

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Drilon supports for the Construction of New Palace of Justice in Cebu.


Cebu Country Club.

In a luncheon with University of Cebu’s Bar passer, Senate President Franklin Drilon revealed to Members of Cebu Media, what he and Cebu Governor Jun Davide and Vice Governor Agnes Magpale had discussed over diner the night before. The senate president urge Magpale to submit a Provincial Board resolution urging the congress to allocate 500 million in the 2015 annual budget, for the construction of Palace of Justice.
When asked, as to where would the Palace of Justice be, and would it still be carrying the name of Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan, the senator said,
“it is not important at this time to discus the details, what is important is to allocate in the budget. When you allocate something in the budget, you just put the amount and you don’t need to include detailed engineering drawings.”

The Senator is in town, he was the commencement Speaker of the University of Cebu Graduation Rites, held at the New Cebu Colosseum.

And of course this #Selfie generation…



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Philippine Airline Flight Aborted.


Mactan, Cebu.

A Philippine Airline flight bound for Manila from Cebu Mactan International Airport, aborted it’s flight following the discovery of a malfunction in the Aircraft’s ADF or Automatic Direction Finder.

The PR2864 set to depart Cebu at 7:25pm, with 135 passenger had already closed the cabin door, was on the taxi way and the Pilot announce over the PA “cabin crew prepare for take-off”. Instead of taking off the plane returned to the terminal and offloaded it passengers.



ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) is the radio signals in the low to medium frequency band of 190 Khz. to 1750 Khz. It was widely used today. It has the major advantage over VOR navigation in the reception is not limited to line of sight distance. The ADF signals follow the curvature of the earth. The maximum of distance is depend on the power of the beacon. The ADF can receives on both AM radio station and NDB (Non-Directional Beacon). Commercial AM radio stations broadcast on 540 to 1620 Khz. Non-Directional Beacon operate in the frequency band of 190 to 535 Khz.

This is according to a Philippine Airline official Benedict Yap when interviewed by Cebu Media.


According to Edmund Maxilom President and CEO of DNR Offshore and Crewing Service, a passenger on the business class. He was trying to sleep a soon as he got to his seat and fastened his seatbelt. He felt that the plane was taxing and then the plane accelerated as it was to take off but suddenly applied brakes, he was jolted from his seat as well as the other passenger, things we’re toss off and scattered inside the cabin, had he not wearing the seatbelt he could have been thrown-off his seat..

Was it a simple dashboard malfunction or something more?

This post was written with the collaboration of Flor Querubin of Sunstar Super Balita.

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Tommy is back


Former Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena declared “I am Back” on social media, which created a stir with the netezen. The above picture was posted in the Facebook Page of Tommy Osmena generated as of this writing 4,725 likes 406 comments and a 160 shared it. While Facebook user JunJun Alviar shared same picture to a Facebook group Maghisgot tag Politika Bai generated also a continuing comment tread.



Also today a full page paid ad came out in Sunstar Super Balita and The Freeman Banat News.

The ad is a copy of a letter signed by Arlene Siefker-Radtke MD of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, stating “you (Tommy) are 5 years out and should consider yourself essentially cured of Cancer”.

The ad also carried a picture of Tommy and Wife Margot Osmena together with Doctor Siefker-Radtke, and a handwritten note ” Thanks for all your prayers! Tommy, Margot & Miguel”

Who does an announcement like this makes some people jittery?

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Battle of Mactan’s fight against the elements.

Battle of Mactan by Primo Cuizon Pino

Battle of Mactan by Primo Cuizon Pino


All of you who had been to the Liberty Shrine or more popularly called the Mactan Shrine, must have a picture or two with above painting in the background.

It’s Primo Cuizon Pino interpretation of the Battle of Mactan,  except for Lapulapu face off with Magellan all the the other elements of the picture depicted a Historically accurate, like the distance of the Victoria from the shoreline.  In a free for all fight which what happened in April 27 1521, it would be unlikely that the leaders of two opposing warriors would face-off, well for Hollywood sake it can.

As of this writing,  I am yet to find out more about the Painting and its artist.  But i could not remember visiting Mactan Shrine not seeing that artwork. I have been a guide for almost a decade and a half, and i witness the artworks deterioration.

The Artwork is Oil on Canvas, and except for the roof the cover it there were no walls to offer protection from the salty and of course the humidity.  I am not an art expert but i can tell a worn out artwork when i see one. Should the painting continues hanging in it current place, it will fade away to its sunset.


In order to save it, is have it restored and keep it in a control environment, and put up a weather resilient artwork just like this brass bas-relief of the Battle of Mactan in Corregidor Island.

Or something like the one that hangs on one of the walls of PICC.

We should preserve it now, otherwise forever regret. 

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Hundred Islands ultra international marathon draws elite runners; sponsors


As the 2014 Hundred Islands 100 Km. Ultra International Marathon unfolds on March 15-16 in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, notable ‘elite’ ultra marathoners have registered to test their mettle against each other eyeing a coveted P100,000 top prize.

The ‘elite’ runners who have registered to-date are: Hardcore 100 Miles champion Marcelo Bautista, dubbed as the “local Kenyan” because of his top place finish in all ultra marathons; 2013 TNF trail run champion Arnold Lozano, Laoag City ultra marathon champion Joey D., Kenyan ultra marathoner Albert Tomabaga, and Philippine Army elite runner and Nature’s Trail Run champion Gerald Sabal.

In the 50 Km. category, La Union’s ultra marathon champion Bullet Arellano and Baguio Twenty 1ne runner-up Julius Bay-an have registered. Three Philippine Star runners are also set to join the 50 km. race.

In the distaff side, expected to enrol in the last minute is LedsOpilla, the current 50K champion of La Union Ultra, while Sandi Menchi, an ultra runner,

atriathlete herself, and Cebu marathon champion is gunning again to be a top podium finisher.

Race Director Philip Pacle is optimistic that the marathon will enlist at least 50-100 runners in the 100 km. marathon, while he expects some 100 to 150 runners in the 50 km. race.

Organized by RenderFarm Sports and JonesPR/J.T.Campos Corporation, for the benefit of Alaminos 100, the event is supported by various corporate sponsors that include: Pag-Ibig Fund, PAGCOR, Zenco Sales, Globaltronics, Ayala Corporation, Smart Communications, Total (Phils.) and Pepsi Cola.

The media partners include The Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star, BusinessWorld, Business Mirror and the Manila Bulletin.

Earlier, Alaminos City Mayor Arthur Celeste and Pangasinan Governor Amado Espino, Jr. have favourably endorsed and expressed their support to the marathon, which will traverse the other western Pangasinan towns of Bani, Bolinao and Anda.

To register, one has to email renderfarmsports@gmail.com. Race Director Philip Pacle can also be contacted at 0922 260 4201, 0926 717 9344, and 074 424 1869 for inquiries. Deadline for registration is first week of March.

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AirAsia Zest continues to innovate with new self check-in service kiosks at NAIA Terminal 4 and prov’l airports


MANILA, 26 FEBRUARY 2014 – AirAsia Zest, the Filipino Low Cost Carrier that flies hand in hand with AirAsia, voted the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for five consecutive years, launched a new self check-in service kiosks at NAIA Terminal 4 and provincial airports of Kalibo (Boracay), Cebu, Tacloban, Tagbilaran and Puerto Princesa (Palawan) today, as part of the airline’s latest innovation to enhance guest experience.

The red kiosks are conveniently located inside the airport and available for check-in on all domestic AirAsia Zest and Philippines AirAsia flights. Self check-in service allows guests to print their own boarding pass using touchscreen computer – a process that essentially reduces time spent queuing at the counters.

AirAsia Zest Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Joy Caneba said, “We are pleased to offer this free, simple and quick check-in service exclusive for our guests. As summer vacation draws near, many people will be travelling, our red kiosks will sure relieve them from long waiting times.”

As part of AirAisia Zest’s continues effort to introduce innovative products and services, the airline has also recently started its Boracay Island transfer ferry service for passengers to seamlessly connect from Kalibo airport and directly to their hotel in Boracay via exclusive and comfortable land and ferry rides for only P520, one way.

“We are constantly investing in technology and innovation to make flying easier, more enjoyable and comfortable for our guests. We have more exciting services and products for mobile devices and online enhancements coming your way.” Caneba said.

Guests are able to perform self-checking in up to 1 hour before their scheduled departure. Baggage drop counters are open 3 hours before scheduled departure for international flights, and 2 hours before scheduled departure for domestic flights.

Find out more about our self check-in service by following us on Facebook (facebook/airasiaphilippines) and Twitter (twitter.com/airasiaph).

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Screening of “Badlis sa Kinabuhi” to kick off confab on Cebuano cinema


A rare screening of the 1969 Cebuano film Badlis sa Kinabuhi on February 28, 2014, 5:00 pm, at the Casa Gorordo Museum will launch the 2nd Cebuano Cinema Conference that will be held on March 1, 2014, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center in Lopez Jaena Street. 

Sponsored by the University of San Carlos Graduate School Cinema Studies Program in cooperation with the Cebuano Studies Center, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Casa Gorordo Museum, and the Cebu Provincial Government, the conference will feature presentations of research on various topics on Cebuano cinema and will end with a screening of the 1974 film Aliyana directed by Eugene Labella. A short open forum follows the screening with Jojo Labella speaking about the film.

The screening of Badlis sa Kinabuhi, which stars Cebuano stars Gloria Sevilla and Mat Ranillo, Jr., will be free and open to the public. It will be held picnic-style at the garden of Casa Gorordo Musem so those interested to come are advised to bring their own mat, portable seat, and umbrella.

A short open forum about the film with Suzette Ranillo, daughter of Gloria Sevilla and Mat Ranillo, Jr., will follow after the screening.

Registration fee for the conference on March 1 will be at P100 for students with ID and P200 for non-students.

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